World's Best Crepe Maker

CrepePro is a high-quality nonstick crepe pan. Our products are handmade from carbon steel, and also function as a griddle, pizza stone, and so much more. One pan, so many delicious uses!

Slide Best Seller
It’s versatile 14” frame makes the CrepePro Full the perfect nonstick pan for cooking beautiful crepes at home.

Pizza Stone
This pan doubles as a pizza stone. The size of the CrepePro Full makes it ideal for homemade pizza, rustic breads, even fresh baked cookies.

Family Fun
Make ordinary moments with family fun and memorable with the CrepePro Full.
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Slide Versatile
Smaller, 12" diameter makes the CrepePro Mini easier to handle. Angled handle makes it ideal for glass top stovetops.

This multifunctional pan helps reduce clutter and takes very little space to store.

Perfect for cooking on the go! Use directly over the campfire or on a campstove.
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Slide Professional Design
Spacious 16” diameter makes the CrepePro Max the closest you can get to a French Creperie in your own kitchen

High-End Quality
Durable, carbon steel construction offers even and steady heating

Worthwhile Investment
Get the same high quality crepe maker as you would with a Waring or Krampouz but for a fraction of the cost
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What The Experts Say!



We all love French crepes! But most of us can't afford to go to France every time those relentless cravings hit. Use the CrepePro to make your own traditional French non stick crepe pan and griddle right in the comfort of your home!


Our goal at CrepePro is to make every meal more than just a meal. We want to bring your family together and create memories in the process.


With it's sleek design, the CrepePro can easily be stored in practically any cupboard in the kitchen... or if you're like us, the crepe griddle just stay on the stove because you'll use it every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


You've heard of one trick ponies, right? Well this pan isn't one of 'em. From acting as a pizza stone in the oven to grilling patties on the stove! This non stick crepe pan will definitely reduce the clutter in your kitchen!


Supporting CrepePro not only benefits us as a small business but also many other local businesses who help us do what we do! Not to mention that staying local allows us to use the highest quality products!


The CrepePro is made of one of the most durable products known to man, carbon steel! This is a pan that will be passed down in your family from generation to generation, bringing meaningful family experiences and memories with it!

Unlock the Possibilities

Pizza Stone

2 reasons why the CrepePro makes a better pizza stone than ACTUAL pizza stones: 

  1. The CrepePro conducts heat extremely well. Once the non stick crepe pan has been heated, it will cook a pizza in non stick crepe pan under 5 minutes! Leaving you a pizza with that crispy, oven-charred crust but a center that melts in your mouth. Just imagine that first bite!
  2. The CrepePro is practically invincible. Unlike other pizza stones, the CrepePro won’t crack. There is nothing worse than opening your oven and expecting a hot pizza but finding only a hot mess of a broken stone and burnt pizza oozing all over! Like your loyal dog, the CrepePro will be by your side through thick and thin.


Maybe you’re thinking “This non stick crepe pan is nice, but I just don’t make crepes that often.”

We get it. One of the best parts of the Crepe griddle is how versatile it is. We regularly use it to cook and heat tortillas, make Indian Naan, toast grilled cheese sandwiches, and a lot more. Thanks to the CrepePro’s size and cooking diameter, you can cook the same amount of food in half the time!

Breakfast Griddle

Crepes aren’t the only item on the breakfast menu. 

We are talking French toast, pancakes, omelets, and sausage patties… if you can dream it you can probably make it on the french crepe pan and griddle . You can even use the ring of a Mason Jar lid or an egg ring and make 4-5 perfectly sized egg patties for breakfast sandwiches in one go in french crepe pan and griddleThe CrepePro makes it easy! It’s time for breakfast to go from “the most important meal of the day” to “my favorite meal of the day!”