Your Wedding Dream Crepe! Here’s how you can make it.

Wedding Dream Crepe

Wedding Crepes For Your Dream Wedding!

Nothing smells as fantastic as Sunday mornings when the house fragrance is that of freshly baked crepes. Crepes are French-style thin pancakes with irresistible crispy edges. The smell of crepe is a reminder of home or your favorite morning breakfast from your favorite café.

the amazing smell of crepes will take your breath away

Recent trends have seen crepes being incorporated in breakfast and dinner, brunch, and wedding receptions. Crepes can be filled with maple syrup, pancake syrups, fruits, whipped cream, or sauce. Whatever the accompaniment, crepes are sure to leave you satisfied and craving for more.

Crepes are a popular delicacy due to their versatility, and they can be eaten while hot, rolled, folded, or cut out into tiny pieces. Whatever your preference, here is a simple guide on making your favorite crepe on the days that you may crave for it. French Crepes Recipes.

Step by Step Guide On How To Make Crepe

Gather all the ingredients and equipment. These include baking flour, rising flour, butter, milk or water, sugar, eggs, and salt. As for the equipment, you will need a blender, a whisk, a non-stick skillet, a measuring cup, a rubber spatula, and a crepe pan. Alternatively, you can add various flavors based on your personal preference.

how to make the perfect batter


First, you should whisk the eggs until it starts to form bubbles and there is no distinct separation between the yolk and the white. Add about two to four tablespoons of sugar and a pinch of salt and continue to whisk the mixture. Add about two cups of flour, half a tablespoon of rising flour, and a cup of milk or water, and continue whisking until you form a uniform paste.

At this point, you can add your flavor of choice. Flavors can either be vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry flavors. For a more savory taste, opt for flavoring with grated parmesan. Melt your butter on medium heat and add to the mixture. Here’s how you can make healthier Crepes. 

Note that consistency is critical, and a paste with no lumps is desirable. For crepes, the texture of the paste is preferred o be thin; thus, you can adjust the consistency of your paste by adding more water or milk to your mixture.

Allow your mixture to stand for about half an hour at room temperature. The latter allows the ingredients to infuse into one another fully and for the flavor to equally disperse in the mixture. After the rest time, the paste may appear thick. You can stir the paste gently and add a small volume of milk or water until it is the desired consistency.

Preheat the crepe pan at moderate heat. A preheated pan is ideal for that crispy edge, well-cooked crepe with a brown tinge. If you do not have a crepe pan, a heavy-duty non-stick pan or a well-seasoned cast-iron frying pan will also do. To assess if the pan is heated to the right temperature, place butter and watch how long it will melt.

Using a  rubber spatula, coat the pan lightly and pour out a thin layer of the paste. Lift the pan and tilt it till the paste covers most of the pan. Flip the crepe when ready and take it out onto a clean dish. The first crepe is bound not to be ideal, but cooking will be accessible once you get the hang of things.

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Wedding Dream Crepe

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