Why is Crepe Called a Royal Dessert?

Everyone enjoys crepes, but few are aware of how they were created or how they have long been regarded as a royal dessert. The next time you taste this French cuisine on your plate, you will undoubtedly be preoccupied with thoughts of this popular desert-type that has spread throughout Europe, the Mediterranean, and even through palace gates. The tales are entertaining and enjoyable to listen to.

Crepes have a long history, which this article discusses in detail. I’m confident that once we’ve finished discussing its background, you’ll admire this meal, even more, when it’s on your plate.


Crepes – Background

In 1895, Henri Carpentier accidentally became an assistant waiter at just 14 years old. On the visit of the Prince of Wales, Edward, the future King of England, he was making a dessert, and all of a sudden, the frying pan caught fire. Henri thought he almost ruined the dessert and thought of starting the dessert-making process again while the Prince was waiting for the dessert. Henri tasted the ruined dessert and discovered that it was not as bad as it looked. Instead, the dish tasted quite delicious, something like he never had before.

Complete History of French Crepes

Henri was initially attempting to make a pancake, which caught fire and fortunately tasted better than anything else. The Prince himself appeared to have stated that this was one of the greatest and tastiest desserts he had ever tasted. When the Prince inquired about its name, Henri approached and informed him that it is known as Crepes. The future King of England initially disapproved but subsequently changed the name to “Crepes Suzette.”

This is why crepes are also referred to as a royal dessert. Unfortunately, a young man attempting to make a pancake for the Prince botched it up, but it was good enough to inspire the creation of a new meal, and this is how crepes were born.

Some Facts About Crepes


  1. Crepes have a half-moon shape. They are folded twice to create a triangular or curved shape. They are, however, filled with Nutella, cream, liquid chocolate, and other fillings.
  2. Crepes originated in France and are now prevalent in several European countries. The name, though, is a little different.
  3. A myth says that the first crepes never turn out adequately cooked.
  4. In many European countries, people prefer crepes over soup.
  5. In France, crepes are prepared from buckwheat, not regular flour.
  6. Calling crepes a French pancake is an insult toward French people.

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Why is Crepe Called a Royal Dessert?

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