Top 7 Food Bloggers to Follow in 2022

Running a food blog can seem like an excellent idea, but creating a successful one demands perseverance, dedication, excitement, and a strong presentation. Because of this, only a small number of the most well-known food bloggers receive significant traffic, brand partnerships, and a fair profit even though there are thousands of food forums.

Cookbooks are another source of inspiration for home cooks. However, in today’s world, many consumers go to the media for mouthwatering suggestions.

Food bloggers that put in the effort to create, test, and then publish amazing recipes and instructions for everyone else to use and profit from are giving excellent service to the rest of the world. (Thus, the lucrative sponsorships and book deals have landed lots of them).

As viewers, we are given access to a free travel blog. It is also wonderful to see food bloggers exploring different locales and getting a taste of various cultures. That is precisely what we are talking about, so if we travel to the nations or places that these food bloggers frequent, we will have a clear sense of the local delicacies to eat. Isn’t that our primary motivation for adhering to them?

Top 7 Food Bloggers to Follow in 2022


Molly Yeh (My name is yeh)

Since 2009, Molly Yah has maintained the lovely blog “My name is yeh.” It has a wealth of original sweet and savoury dishes influenced by her Jewish and Asian heritage and Molly’s warm personality.

Along with her spouse and her travel tales, Molly, currently residing in North Dakota, invites readers to learn about her life on a farm, which represents a significant change from her upbringing in Chicago and her subsequent relocation to New York City.

Over the years, Molly has been the inspiration for all of these places and things. Her distinctive blog, which will inspire many others, has also helped her win the prestigious Saver Blog of the Year title.


Jessie May (Faring Well)

Saver Magazine editors noticed Southern California-based food blogger Jessie Snyder when she won Editor’s Choice for Best New Voice.

Although this is not Jessie’s first journey into the blogging world, she established Faring Well in November 2014 and has gained quite a following of vegan food enthusiasts who want to try their hand at her delectable dishes.

Jessie’s meals may satisfy the palates of vegans and those who prefer the occasional lunch without animal products in the sweet and savoury recipes she features on her website, all of which use sustainable and non-GMO ingredients.


Love and Lemons

One of our favourite food blogs is Love and Lemons from an aesthetic standpoint. Love & Lemons was founded by Jeanine Donofrio and launched in 2011. It has appeared in some of the most famous culinary publications, including Refinery 29, Oprah Magazine, and Food and Wine.

Love and Lemons’ websites offer everything from food blogs to recipes and cookbooks. Vegetarian cuisine predominates in the website’s recipes.


101 Cookbooks – Top 7 Food Bloggers to Follow in 2022

If we love eating well, by Heidi Swanson can be particularly interesting to us. More than 750 vegetarian and vegan recipes may be found on the website.

By travelling and meeting with many individuals, Heidi Swanson has developed a thriving food blogging career on her own. Recipes may be found by category, including vegan, chocolate, gluten-free, low-carb, and many others. Additionally, we may look for recipes using the components and seasons.


Green Kitchen Stories – Top 7 Food Bloggers to Follow in 2022

As the name implies, most of the dishes and foods featured on Green Kitchen Stories are healthful vegetarian fare. David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl, a married couple from Sweden, started the food blog.

Whole foods and organic ingredients predominate in the couple’s cooking blog dishes. They provide their supplements as well as recipes on their website. The recipes are meant to be straightforward and uncomplicated. The recipe contains bread, breakfast, lunch treatment, beverages and smoothies, main courses, salads, and soup.

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Sprouted Kitchen

Hugh and Sara Forte are the epitomai of a great couple. Sara is credited with creating the recipe part entirely on her own, while Hugh receives credit for the beautiful culinary photography for their blogs. See, it is perfect!

Sprouted Kitchen provides nutritious recipes that use whole grains, natural substitutes for sugar and syrups, and healthy fats, as the blog name indicates. When considering the categories they provide for recipes, they provide a lengthy list of choices. Gluten-free, Seasons, Appetizers, Breakfast, Chocolate, Pantry Essentials, Sides, Entrees, Snacks, Feeding Babies, Personal, Soup, Beverage, Travel, and Salad are all on the list.


Budget Bytes

Well, not everyone has the means to purchase expensive materials. Beth Moncel, the author of the site Budget Bytes, attentively provides us with recipes for cheap dinners. She wants the dishes to taste luxurious, even if they were inexpensive to prepare.

Several meal alternatives are available on Budget Bytes, each with a comprehensive recipe, a cost analysis, step-by-step instructions, a grocery list, and preparation time. These dishes are inexpensive compared to other sites’ expensive diet or food programs. The meal plans will also tell us what to do with the leftovers.


We no longer rely on food for survival. Today, it is a craft. Food bloggers, photographers, stylists, and chefs are all creative artists at melting our hearts with their delectable creations. I hope we can all appreciate the foodies out there and gain as much from these postings as I did.

There are many food bloggers worldwide, but very few are worth following, and even fewer can be trusted to provide accurate recipes and meal plans. Some of the top food bloggers currently active and worth checking out are listed below.


Exploring the world through food is the most alluring journey!


Top 7 Food Bloggers to Follow in 2022

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