Top 7 Cutest and Creepiest Halloween Crepes


Cutest and Creepiest Halloween Crepes – Halloween is a time of fun, adventure, freedom, sweets, treats, and… CREEPS!


Halloween Crepes


We wanted to help kick off the Halloween celebrations with our own top 7 cutest and CREEPIEST crepes for your Halloween celebrations. 


Why even carve pumpkins anymore when you can just make these creepy crepes? 


Instead of having to scoop out slimy pumpkin guts to carve a pumpkin that “looked way better in your head”, you get to design your own creepy crepe, save the mess, and if it doesn’t turn out how you wanted, you just eat it anyway!


It’s a win-win! 


Thoroughly convinced? Perfect! Then without further ado, let’s jump into it!


For the majority of the crepes used for our Creepy Crepes, we just used our normal crepe batter recipe which can be found here




Halloween Crepes



Now Jack-O-Lanterns and pumpkin carving aren’t all bad, that was the inspiration for these crepes! 


To make this crepe, all you will need is melted butter, cinnamon sugar, crepe batter, and red and yellow food coloring


Now if you’re thinking to yourself, “What if I made pumpkin spice flavored batter for my pumpkin carving crepe.” Then you are on to something and we like the way you think!


If you want to take your Crepe-O-Lantern to the next level and make pumpkin spice crepe batter, here is a link to a video we made showing you how to do that. 


Do be aware that this was our first ever video and it shows!


After making the batter, separate it into 2 containers and use red and yellow food coloring to turn one portion of the batter orange and just the yellow food coloring to turn the other portion yellow.


Once you have your orange and yellow batter, take your CrepePro and make 2 crepes.


Halloween Crepes



Your orange crepe will be the crepe that you “carve” on to and the yellow crepe will be the glowing lights! 


We actually had some strung lights that we put underneath the orange crepe to give it an even better Halloween glow!


With a knife, carefully cut out your Crepe-O-Lantern design as you would on a pumpkin.


On your yellow crepe, using a brush, apply melted butter over the full surface and then top the butter with cinnamon and sugar.


Now you will take the orange crepe-o-lantern and lay it on top of the yellow crepe creating a creepy crepe sandwich!


And there you have your Crepe-O-Lantern! Feel free to take a bit of green crepe to make a stem on top or add any other features that you wish!




Halloween Crepes



This crepe is perhaps the cutest and easiest of the bunch! Perfect for dad to still be involved in the family activity but not have to put in much effort! We got you dads.


In order to make Casper the Friendly Crepe come to life, you will need a large marshmallow or a banana, crepe batter, your favorite crepe spread (we used Nutella®) and chocolate chips.


First, you will cook your crepe batter into one large crepe and then take a cup or a glass to cut individual smaller crepes.


Halloween Crepes


When you have your crepes spun and little individual crepes cut out, take your banana and cut in into pieces about 2-3 inches tall that have a flat bottom and top and can stand on their own without falling over.


Halloween Crepes


Stand up these bananas (or marshmallows) on a plate, top with Nutella® or frosting to help keep the crepe in place.


Halloween Crepes


Next, you will drape your little crepe circles over the banana and the crepe should barely be off of the plate to give the appearance of floating ghosts!


Halloween Crepes


Now you will use the chocolate chips to make eyes by sticking them through the top of the crepe where it is resting on your banana or marshmallow.


Casper the Friendly Crepe is now ready for business and makes the perfect Halloween snack! Boo!








Halloween Crepes



To resurrect these undead beauties you will need crepe batter, green food coloring, small eyeball candies or white chocolate chips, strawberry jam, and strawberries.


Before cooking your batter, you will add a few drops of green food coloring until you get a good zombie green.


If you plan to make multiple crepes don’t want them all green, separate a little of the batter from the main bowl and color the separate batter green.


When you have your batter dyed to the eerie, zombie green begin to cook your crepe on the CrepePro. 



When you have your crepe cooked, lay it on a plate, fill it with sliced strawberries and, and roll like a burrito by first folding the top and bottom sections of the crepe over the strawberries and then rolling.


Once you have your green, crepe burrito ready, it is time to make the zombie’s face!


Starting with the eyes, put on a little strawberry or raspberry jam on the spots where you want to put your eyes and use the jam to help the candy eyes or white chocolate chips stick.


Now using frosting, Nutella, or licorice-like we used above, create his lovely face.


Once your zombie is looking just how you want him to, take a bite of his head and then mash up the strawberries to make it look like his brains are oozing out!


This last part isn’t necessary but if you are really trying to get into the Halloween spirit this year then why not?





Yes, the name for these crepes is a spectacular reach but “The Taffy Crepe” just wasn’t going to cut it.


This is another fun and easy option and all you will need is your crepe batter, your favorite taffy colored food coloring, strawberries and bananas (or another favorite filling), and some licorice or other gummy candy that can be used for string.


First, using food coloring, you will dye your crepe batter to the color that matches your favorite taffy flavor.


Once the dye is thoroughly mixed in the batter and the color is how you want it, you will then you use ¼-½ C of batter to spin and cook your crepes.



Take your cooked crepes and fill the center in a line with your strawberries and bananas, leaving about 1-2 inches on the top and bottom.


Halloween Crepes


Next, you will roll your crepes but unlike the zombie crepes above, you will not fold in the top end.


Halloween Crepes


When your crepes are rolled, take the licorice or other candy string and use it to tie a bow on each end of the crepe to form the taffy shape.


Halloween Crepes


Trick or Treat! This year for Halloween you’re getting some Crepe-Taff-ular taffy shaped crepes and not a box of raisins! 2020 is getting better already!


Halloween Crepes




Halloween Crepes



This is a fun and easy crepe that leaves a lot to the imagination. Yes, that is an actual crepe in that cauldron and not a real witch’s brew although it is deceiving.


To make this crepe, you will need green food coloring, black frosting or a black cauldron, and creepy candies like gummy eyes and fingers to put in your witch’s brew!


Using roughly ¼ C of batter, you will color the batter green using green food coloring and then proceed to spin and cook your Crepe on the CrepePro.


If you don’t have a CrepePro yet then what are you waiting for?? Order yours now and then come back and keep reading!


After you have made your crepe, you will then lay it flat on the plate, and using your black frosting, pipe a thick black circle around the crepe to create the cauldron.


You can also use a little black cauldron-like we did for this crepe but if you don’t have one then the frosting will also work!


Now that your cauldron and brew are ready, it is time to add the mix-ins. Using gummy eyeballs, fingers, and any other creepy candies or food you can find scatter them over the crepe.


You can even bite or cut part of the gummies to better give off the appearance that the garnishings are floating!


Your witch’s brew is now ready to serve! 




Halloween Crepes



To raise this mummy from the dead, you will need to make 2 crepes, and 1 of the 2 needs to be a dark-colored crepe and the other crepe would be a regular uncolored crepe.


For the dark crepe, we recommend making a chocolate crepe!


If you are looking for a good recipe, we like Ashley’s from Center Cut Cook, and here is the link


But if you aren’t able to make the chocolate crepes then using food coloring will work.


After you have both your chocolate (or colored) crepe and your plain crepe cooked, you will lay the chocolate crepe flat on the plate.


Take 2 gummy eyes or white chocolate chips and with a bit of frosting or Nutella, adhere the eyes towards the top of the flat chocolate crepe.


Now take your regular crepe and either using a knife, kitchen scissors, or your hands, cut the crepe into 7-10 long, bandage-like strips.


Add some frosting or Nutella to one side of the crepe strips and stick them on the chocolate crepe as bandages to create your mummy.


With your mummy bandaged and his chocolatey center secure, he is now ready to come back from the dead!


7. Jack Skelling-crepe and his Trusty Sidekick “Crepo”


Halloween Crepes



And to finish off this horrifyingly, cute list of creepy crepes we have the loveable Jack Skelling-Crepe and his loyal companion “Crepo”


To help the Pumpkin King save Halloween Town the first thing you will need to do is make your crepe. No food coloring needed here, just a standard crepe will do!


This crepe will really give you the opportunity to test out your frosting piping skills.


To start, place the crepe in the center of the plate and start to bring Jack together.


To do this, we used black cake frosting. Many times you can find containers in the store that come in a tube with a frosting tip that make this easy, but if not putting the frosting in a ziplock bag and making a small cut in the corner also works wonders!


If you don’t have frosting or want to get more creative, try using Oreos for his eyes and black licorice for his nose and mouth!


Now that Jack is ready it is time to assemble his ghost dog “Crepo”!


The best way we found to make “Crepo” was to pipe white frosting and create him on a chocolate crepe to give the contrast.


And now would you look at that resemblance! It’s hard to tell which one was in the movie!





So there you have it. Our top 7 Cute and Creepy Crepes! Which one was your favorite? Which creepy crepe did we leave out that should have been included? Which crepe title was the biggest reach? Let us know in the comments!


We hope that you have enjoyed this post and gotten your own inspiration for the foods that you want to make this Halloween!


Now go out and spread the Halloween Cheer, you beautiful CREEPS!

> How to Spin Crepes like a Pro.

Halloween Crepes

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