Top 3 Crepe Restaurants in Utah 

Crepe Restaurants, top 3 in Utah – No matter where you travel, crepe could be your best friend. Every country puts its originality and culture into the crepe they make. Alaska’s Alaska: Le Barn Appetit and California’s: Crepes De Paris are some of the most popular on the western coast. Fir east coast Connecticut’s Crepes Choupette and Massachusetts’s The Paris Creperie stand out on social media. But today, we are going to go over Utah’s most popular and lively crepes in the state. 

Crepe Restaurants

Crepe is one of the most popular and favorite dishes of France. The love for Crepes has traveled a long way, and it is equally popular in the North American continent now. A crepe is thinner than an American pancake. It is effortless and practical to make. Crepe lovers make these beautiful desserts at the convenience of their homes. It is both quick and easy.

Crepe Restaurants

Utah has developed an exquisite sense of desert and loves crepes like kids. We have made a list of the three best restaurants that cook fantastic crepes for those who love dining out for crepe. Although there are many amazing creperies in Utah, we are only mentioning the three that stand out.

Dali Crepes

Address2854 S W Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84115

Dali Crepes is a Salt Lake City-based restaurant café and provides catering that makes traditional European-style delicious sweet & savory crêpes.

Monsieur Crêpes (à la Maison)

Address1617 S 900 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84105

Monsieur Crepes provides a classic and traditional touch to crepes with unique flavors and combinations. People in Utah love this place. Would you mind going check out their reviews?

The Crêpery

Address4801 N University Ave Ste. 690, Provo, UT 84604

Bienvenue au CrêperyThe Crêpery, cafe & coffee shop, has been happily serving its guests fresh coffee and handmade crepes since 2009. They are located 30 miles south of Salt Lake City. 

There are many more crepe restaurants to explore. We leave that to you. Let us know which crepe restaurant in Utah is your favorite?

Here are some delicious recipes if you are interested in trying to make Crepes at home. 😊

How To Make Your Own Restaurant Style Breakfast Crepes

Wait! What? You don’t have a Crepe Pan? Trying to look at our Crepe Pro collection and solve this problem forever! 😊

Crepe Restaurants

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