Seasoning the Crepepro


You have just purchased your very own CrepePro and are well on your way to making the most delicious crepes you have ever had!


Your days of endless daydreaming about the distant future when those eloquent and mystifying French treasures could one day be a regular occurrence in your home are nearly over!


But first, there are just a few maintenance items that we need to get out of the way so you can become the crepe pro you were always meant to be! 


In this article, we are going to talk about one of the three crucial aspects of your crepe-making experience and first use with your pan.


This article focuses on seasoning the pan. Links to the other 2 articles can be found here. ?




As you may have read the CrepePro is a handmade product. We specifically and carefully prepare the pan so it is just right for you and your family.


We sand down the raw steel to eliminate any sharp and potentially dangerous edges.


We polish the pan to give it a beautiful finish and remove harmful steel residue.


We also hand wash each pan with soap and water to assure that it is properly prepared for you!


After the washing, we apply a light coat of safe, mineral oil to the pan to help the pan maintain its pristine condition. Everything is just right!


With your pan properly prepared and now that you have received it and are ready to use it for the first time, it is time to season the pan.


Seasoning a pan is the act of treating it with oil and heat so as to create a nonstick coating.


The oil will fill microscopic holes in the metal and then when it dries, the surface will be sealed.


Seasoning is typically done on cast iron and steel pans such as the CrepePro which is made of carbon steel.


Seasoning the Crepepro



1. To season the CrepePro, we recommend heating the pan on your stovetop at medium heat.


Electric or gas stovetops will work great. When the pan is heated use a dry paper towel and wet with a little bit of oil.


We will typically use vegetable, canola, or olive oil but be aware that if you put on too much oil it can leave a somewhat sticky surface.


Other great options would be soy, corn, sunflower, and flaxseed oil. Typically any cooking oil will suffice.


Seasoning the Crepepro


2. After the pan is heated and the paper towel wetted with oil, it is time to apply.

Keeping the heat on medium, we will just start rubbing the oil to cover every part of the pan (excluding the handle).


Be aware that the pan will be hot and you can potentially injure your fingers if you aren’t careful.


Because of this, we recommend using extra paper towels to create a barrier from the heat, using tongs, or wearing heat-protectant gloves when seasoning in order to avoid injury.


3. Continue to apply the oil to your pan for 3-5 minutes.


You will notice that the paper towel will begin to darken or discolor with a blackish color. This is completely normal and to be expected.


Seasoning the Crepepro


A good rule of thumb on how to know when the seasoning is complete is that no more black is appearing on the paper towel. The golden brownish color is perfect!


Seasoning the Crepepro


At this point, you have properly seasoned your pan and the moment you have been waiting for. The moment when you get to make those delicious French crepes of your dreams has arrived!


The great thing about seasoning is that it only needs to be done like this, once. 


Regular use and maintenance will continue to develop and improve the nonstick surface.


One important item to note is that as the pan seasons. It will begin to darken in color going from the beautiful silver to a rustic black patina.


This is just a part of the process and as the pan darkens the surface will develop an even better nonstick finish!


> How to Clean the CrepePro.

Seasoning the Crepepro

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