How To Make Perfectly Round Crepes?

Did anyone in your family or friends ever ask this question, “How to make perfectly round crepes? Well, don’t panic because we will explain the million-dollar theory of making a perfectly round crepe right here, right now.

We hear many crepe-lovers making complaints about their crepe shape. Maybe this one is your story too?

“Whenever I tried to cook the crepe on the pan, the dough will go around everywhere, swerving around and things like that. I also don’t have those super cool tools that professional bakers have to create a perfect circle. As a result, my crepes all look inconsistent, and some of them have holes or breaks.”

Sometimes crepe lovers try very hard to make perfectly round crepes, and we do feel their pain. It takes them longer, and they take like 15 attempts to get one closer to a circle.

Don’t worry, let’s begin the ‘perfectly round crepe’ lesson.

Start with keeping the size of your crepe relatively small. By this, it doesn’t mean tiny but moderate. 7 to 8 inches is a good size to cook a crepe on any crepe pan. 

(Although with the Crepe Pro, you could make more giant crepes with our 14″ and 16″ pans.)

Perfectly Round Crepes

The next trick is to mix your batter well. Better the batter is mixed; there is more consistency in the crepe texture. A nicely mixed batter also sticks and settles onto the pan more comfortably.

Now the question is, how to mix the batter? You can use a blender as it tends to produce stabler blending results. Remember to put the mixed batter in the fridge for a while so it can settle down. 

Distribute the batter into the pan using a heat-proof ladle. Aim to make a small circle in the middle of the pan, and then slowly use the spoon to push the batter outward in a circular motion.

If this move is unmanageable, try tipping the pan slightly to make it flow toward the edge. Do it in a way that it evens out the crepe batter.

Keep the heat under the pan at a moderate and practice this method a couple of times. 

We hope this technique will produce your delicious, perfectly round crepes. 

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Perfectly Round Crepes

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