How to make Crepes for a Large Crowd?

Instead of going out for a bottomless brunch over the weekend, why not prepare a crepe buffet instead? Most people are usually scared of cooking French cuisine; however, cooking up crepe buffets is nowhere near as hard as most people think. Cooking crepes are even way more accessible than cooking pancakes.


Okay, it might not be that much easier to come up with a crepe buffet than it would a pancake one, but bragging about how good your recipe is after everything is said and done is far more impressive.

There’s a high chance you already have everything you need in your pantry or fridge, for starters. If both those places are running low, then you might need to head to the grocery store for a bit. Secondly, you need to rest the batter before you cook it. This is why it’s a good idea to make it beforehand, especially if you’re expecting a large crowd. How To Make Nutritious And Healthy Crepes?

When you’re about to start cooking, remove the batter from the fridge, set it on the countertop for around 30 minutes or so; it can get to room temperature. Once the batter is warm enough, you can start cooking your crepes and then set them aside in preparation for your guests.

How To Make Crepes


3 cups of flour

One and a half cups of milk

One and a half cups of water

Six large eggs

Three tablespoons of melted, unsalted butter

A three-quarter teaspoon of kosher salt


Read the directions below carefully;

Making the batter- Place all your ingredients into a blender and then pulse the mixture until smooth. Once done, pour the mixture into a container, cover, and then store in the fridge for one to twenty-four hours.

Preheat the oven- Set the oven temperature to 200 Degrees Fahrenheit and preheat your baking shit for about ten minutes or so. Once your oven or cooker has preheated enough, heat a medium non-stick skillet or crepe pan over medium heat.

Swirling away- The first one you make should always be a test run. Don’t get sad if it doesn’t come out ideally. Put a little oil into the pan, or spray it with a bit of cooking spray. Please don’t fill the pan with too much oil or fat; take it easy. Pour around a quarter of the batter and then quickly swirl it around the stove until you coat the whole pan with a thin layer of the batter mixture. When the crepe’s edges start to pull away, run a spatula, preferably a plastic one, around the edges of the crepe to loosen it entirely. Once it has fully loosened up, flip the crepe using a spatula or your hands. Cook the raw side for around a minute or so, and then remove. Here Is A List Of Seasonal Desserts That Can Change Your Dine Forever 


To keep them warm, place them on the preheated baking sheet in the oven until you’re ready to serve. You can either put them directly on top of one another or place pieces of parchment paper in between them.

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