The short answer is, you definitely can use a normal frying pan and you can probably make decent enough crepes with some practice.

But imagine going to a French creperie and seeing the chef swirling his crepe batter in a small, normal, frying pan. What would you think? Would you feel ripped off? 

You might even think “well, I can do that at home just fine. Why are we paying $13 for this?”

Compare that to the feeling you get when you see the chef take his batter spreader on his 16” pan and evenly spin a beautiful, golden crepe before he loads it with Nutella, strawberries, and bananas.

There is a reason why creperies in France use these “CrepePro” styled pans. It’s because they are simply more effective for crepes not to mention easier to use and master!

The CrepePro’s size and batter spreader make it so easy to spread and cook crepes that even your kids can and WILL WANT to do it! Plus you won’t end up with anymore of those raw, gooey crepes!

The spatula and flat design make flipping your crepes a breeze! This will help you to avoid those awful moments when your hard work is ruined by a crepe that refuses to budge and tears instead.

And above all it is an experience! Cooking on the CrepePro is a lot more fun not just for you but for the whole family! We have to cook anyway so we might as well enjoy it right? You will be less frustrated and have more memorable family moments using the CrepePro!

So maybe you aren’t a crepe connoisseur, that’s fine! We weren’t either at first!

What makes the CrepePro so great is how versatile it is. 

With each kit not only do we include our favorite crepe recipe but also our favorite homemade tortilla and pizza recipes because the CrepePro excels at making those too!

This pan will work as a high quality griddle or skillet for omelettes, naan, French toast, hamburgers, pancakes, hash-browns, tortillas, and even Hibachi!

Afterwards, you can use it in the oven as a pizza stone or baking steel! 2 Birds, 1 pizza stone!

Find us another pan that is this multifunctional.

And when you’re suddenly in the mood for crepes, well you already have a pan that is not only easy to use but it’s more fun too! 

And do you know what always happens? Before you know it, you become a crepe connoisseur. 

The CrepePro is locally made in Salt Lake City, Utah. We use a kitchen grade, carbon steel for the CrepePro. The steel is cut 1/4″ thick and depending on which pan you order measures 12″, 14″, or 16″ in diameter making it perfect for crepes and pizzas of all sizes.

These durable pans weigh between 9 and 13 lbs. depending on the size that you order.

Before you receive your CrepePro, each pan is hand-polished, cleaned, and treated with mineral oil to make sure you get it in peak condition and ready to cook.

Each CrepePro kit comes with everything you need to become a “Crepe Pro”!

You will receive:

  • The CrepePro pan either Mini, Full, or Max depending on what you order.
  • The 7.5″ Birchwood batter spreader
  • 12″ straight spatula for the Mini and Full and a 14″ spatula for the Max
  • A List of our favorite homemade crepe, tortilla, and pizza recipes
  • Detailed instructions on how to season and clean the CrepePro


Yes the CrepePro will need to be seasoned. While we do spend time polishing and cleaning the pan before delivery, the pan will still need to be seasoned by the user, to prepare for a better cooking experience. More information on this can be found in the instructions page, which can be found on the footer menu (at the bottom of the page) as well as in the video we made demonstrating the process. When you purchase a pan, these videos are sent to you via email! 

The silver color on a brand new CrepePro sure is beautiful, but unfortunately it doesn’t last. With use a normal darkening will occur due to the exposure to heat. This process is sped up if you place the CrepePro in the oven. This is all completely normal and even recommended as with more use the pan actually performs better, and becomes non-stick.

Yes the CrepePro will work on all stoves tops including induction. That being said, we have created modifications to optimize performance on various stoves.


The “CrepePro Full” is the 14″ version and is completely flat including the handle. We recommend using this pan for elevated and gas stoves. We have tested it on electric stoves, and while it does work, it generally takes up a decent portion of the stove, sometimes cooks less evenly, and can be difficult to maneuver without a bent handle! 

The “CrepePro Mini” is 12″ in diameter and is also completely flat but features an “angled” or slightly bent handle. We created this pan to solve the problems we ran into with the “CrepePro Full” on electric or induction stove stops. The angled handle allows it to be easily lifted and moved (remember a hot pad if doing so while cooking) and the smaller size takes up less space on the entire stove. 

Of course! One our favorite things to do with the CrepePro is to use it as a pizza stone! We have also baked bread, made cookies, and even made king cake on it for Mardi Gras! The pan will darken quite a bit after being used in the oven but it will still work great to spin crepes on afterwards!

Unfortunately at this time it is not. The handle, like the pan, is made of steel and will get very hot while the pan is in use. In the future we would like to design the CrepePro with a handle safer to touch during use, but as of right now we recommend either leaving your CrepePro on the stove after use until it’s cool, or moving it with a hot pad or oven mitt to a safe location. Cooling with warm water in the sink is one option, if immediate storage after use is required. We also suggest cooking with the handle directed away from you!

Please sign up on our email list to get notification and updates about future improvements and modifications to the handle!


You clean the CrepePro like you would a cast iron pan, hand wash only, dry it immediately after use, and for best practice rub the pan with cooking oil following the hand washing. Do not put the CrepePro in the dishwasher.

For the most part you should be able to clean the CrepePro by simply wiping it down with a dry rag or a little bit of oil as it will generally stay pretty clean. In the cases where it needs a heavier wash then soap with a little warm water and a sponge or brush will do the trick!

If your pan has a sticky residue on it, this generally comes from excess oil or burnt food on the pan. We have found steel wool to be the most effecting in removing this and avoiding damage to the pan. You can also use crumpled tin foil in place of steel wool if you are worried about scratching the pan. Rubber scrapers and tough bristled brushes can also do the trick to remove this sticky substance. 

Feel free to get the pan wet during the process of removing the sticky residue but do dry the pan promptly following that and rub with oil afterwards for best results.

In order to create a product that was not only affordable, but extremely functional, we used a high grade steel which works perfectly as a conductor and helps to make those golden crepes we all love! One cost of that, though, is that the pan is susceptible to rusting if it has been left wet for an extended period of time. 

If this is the case for your pan don’t panic! Simply clean and dry the pan, take some aluminum foil, crumple it into a ball, pour some white vinegar on the rusty spots on the pan and the use the aluminum foil ball to scrub the pan in the rusty locations. This will remove the majority of the rust on the pan. After you have sufficiently scrubbed and removed the rust, rinse off the remaining vinegar, dry completely, then add a coat of oil which can be rubbed in using a paper towel.

*Please note that this will remove the rust but will likely leave a mark on the pan from initial rusting – as you use the pan more, it will darken the surface which should should eliminate any marks from previous rust spots*

The CrepePro is a handmade product therefore no 2 pans are exactly alike and some pans do get scratched in the process of preparing them for use. We do inspect each pan and try to remove all pans with major scratches and only send out the best pans but sometimes we make mistakes and damaged pans can slip through. If you feel that your pan is too damaged and you are unhappy with the product please contact us to evaluate options.

For the most part, little scratches on the pan will not affect the performance in anyway and as the pan darkens and becomes seasoned you will not even be able to notice the scratches! We apprectiate your patience and understanding for our handmade and local product!


We expect to have your order shipped out by the next business day following the placement of your order. Typical shipping time frames are 3-5 business for standard delivery. For more shipping information please visit our shipping info page.

We know you will love your CrepePro and we are always more than willing to help with your order if you have any questions. If you have changed your mind and would like to return your CrepePro, we stand by our CrepePro Promise! If you are unhappy with your pan in any way we will buy it back from you within the first 45 days, no questions asked! We will also accept returns after 45 days if the pan is unused.

If you have more questions please visit our Refund Policy Page.

Yes! The spatula and batter spreader are absolutely included! We want to make sure that we provide you with everything you need to truly become Crepe Pros!

At this time we are currently not shipping outside of the US unfortunately. But please contact us if this is a service you are interested in so we can take note of it and be sure to get this integrated as soon as possible! 

At this time, CrepePro is only available online!