Crepes in different cultures of the world

If you love your culture, you have to love crepes! It’s an amusing statement, but it’s true. Crepe is found in different forms and textures in almost all cultures of the world. Let’s discuss a few types of Crepes in different cultures and how the locals have customized them.

How To Make Crepes For A Large Crowd?

Spanish Crepes

Crepe is genuinely a French dessert. Did you know that the french introduced Crepes in Mexico in the 19th century? Yes, they did, and the local name of this wonder is ‘Crepas.’ In Spanish culture, the crepe is usually filled with ‘cajeta.’ Cajeta is a caramelized milk or milk jam and gives a delicacy to the dish.  

Spanish crepes

Crepes in Japan 

In Japan, Crepe is mainly sold on small stands called creperies. People love dessert and sweet dishes in that part of the world; thus, the crepes are sweetly delicious and come with various options. Japenese makes their crepes with a wheat flour batter, and these crepes are very light and cooked on a hot Crepe Pan from both sides.

Crepe truck in Japan. I want to try Japanese crepes!!

Crepes in the Indian Culture!

Did you know that in South Indian culture, they have Crepes too? It’s not entirely the same, but it has much resemblance. They have a different name for Crepes, and it is called a ‘Dosa.’ It is commonly served with savory fillings and is not sweet. 

A dosa looks like a crepe

In western Indian culture, crepes are called ‘Pudlaa’ and are made from gram flour. Gram Flour is a pulse made from ground chickpea, and sometimes the locals add vegetables and spices to make it HOT!

Have you ever heard of Filipino Crepes?

In the Philippines, they use a local native recipe for crepes, called ‘daral’ in their local language. Darals are crepes rolled up into delicious coconut meat, and this mixture is called ‘hinti’ in Filipino. Hinti gives crepes a lot of diversity and leverage for different types of eaters.

Filipino Salad Crêpes – Check out how to make it!

Salad crepes in philipines

Have you noticed how crepe molds itself to the country it lands on? Crepes in different cultures of the world have made their space in the list of the prime dessert. It’s such a diverse dessert and a savory dish at the same time that people of all ages enjoy them.

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If you are new at the whole idea of crepe-making, read our article on how to spin crepes, and it will educate you on crepe making from scratch.

Crepes in Different Cultures

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