Challenges in Making the Perfect Crepes

Making perfect crepes is not a technical art, but one can find it challenging at times. If you are struggling to make excellent crepes, you are lacking in one of these areas:

  • Pan is not hot enough
  • Putting an excessive batter into the pan 
  • Failure to pour the batter in one go
  • Unsuccessful at flipping the crepe

Below is the step by step process that can help you cope with the challenges you face in making perfect crepes for your family:

Hot Enough Pan

Do your crepes take too long to cook, or they are not brown enough?

If it is so, you may need to assess whether the pan is sufficiently hot or not. Generally, the crepe should be ready in a minute or so. And if it takes longer than that, it means that the pan fails to deliver the required heat. 

An insufficient supply of heat also affects the colour of the crepe. The perfectly cooked crepe should have a golden brown appearance, and if it’s otherwise, you may need to adjust the heat.

Keep the heating element on a medium-high level, but it can vary across the stoves and pans, so make an adjustment accordingly.

The Correct Quantity of Crepe Batter

Using the right amount of crepe batter is essential as it can significantly impact the quality of your crepes. Ideally, the crepes should have a thin appearance, and if they are thick, you won’t be able to cook them properly.

Thick crepes indicate that you are employing more batter than needed. Ensure that you are not using more than two to four tablespoons of crepe batter.

Pouring batter into the pan

It is another challenging but crucial step to making the perfect crepes. If you fail to make symmetrical crepes, either you could not pour the batter into the pan all at once or spread it evenly. 

What you need to do is try to pour the batter into the pan in one go and make sure it flows evenly to the edges of the pan through continuous tilting and twisting of the pan. You need to cover the entire bottom of the pan before it begins to cook.

If you face difficulty in doing so, you can take help by using a crepe spreader.

Flipping the crepe

The last step in making the perfect crepe is to flip it, and it can be challenging to turn over the thin crepes successfully. If you are new to this art of crepe making, you will find it rather tricky. You can best do it by using the pallet knife to lift the crepe and then flipping it with wrist movement.


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