Best Ice Cream Spots in Salt Lake City You Can’t Miss!

If you are looking for the best ice cream spots in your city, you have good news. This blog post will help you locate the best places in Salt Lake City to purchase Ice cream. Ice cream offers more than a delicious flavor; it contains nutrients beneficial for your body. It gives you Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and Calcium. These are all crucial nutrients that are essential for the vitality of your body.

Below are the famous spots to enjoy ice cream in your city:


This shop has a location right in the center of Salt Lake City. You can find a wide variety of flavors at this place. They prepare this ice cream daily at home, which means that the ice cream you get here is relatively fresh with a homely taste.

Vegans can also visit this shop without any concerns as they have exclusive vegan ice cream.

They have you covered if you want to enjoy some hot drinks after the ice cream. The drinks you get here are equally delicious.

They sell their products at a very affordable price.
So, you can visit this shop to have some fun and break the monotony of your life.


You can find this shop near the president’s circle. It is a delightful spot to have some quality time with your friends and family. The best thing is that they allow you to serve yourself in your way. You take a cup and fill it with whatever you find enticing. They don’t restrict you to choosing one flavor at a cost.

Here, you can enjoy strawberry-vanilla, chocolate banana, and many more!

It is the best spot for the students because of its location, taste, and price. If you are not in the mood to eat ice cream, there are other options that you can explore. They have desserts that have a mouthwatering aroma and an exquisite taste!


It is one of the preferred spots of residents of Salt Lake City, and it is pretty close to downtown Salt Lake. The surroundings of this shop are highly absorbing, so you can enjoy your ice cream while wandering in a beautiful area. You may find the size of the serving relatively more minor, but it compensates you with supreme quality taste.

You will also find it an ideal place to eat highly delicious deserts. They will serve you gelato, scones, cookies, and much more.

They also have warm coffees to serve you on days when you prefer something warmer over ice cream.


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