Best Crepe Restaurants in New York

New York is famous for its crepes. There are several best crepe restaurants in New York. When people go for outdoor dining in New York, they preferentially include crepes in their order. Crepes are highly delicious, affordable, and incredibly filling food.

Below are the restaurants that let you have the most luscious crepes:

The Japanese Crepe


It is your go-to place if you want to enjoy delicious and aesthetically pleasing crepes. Here they make crepes from gluten-free flour. They prepare your order right in front of your eyes. It assures you that they don’t make any compromises on the quality.

Try their “New York Cheesecake” if you want to have something sweet. You can also enjoy their iced teas and slushies to wash everything down.

The Crepe on Wheels


If you want to have a delicious lunch at a minimal cost, it will prove your best shot. It does not matter if you wish to eat something sweet or spicy; they have you covered. You can get all the details about their offers through their Twitter page, @TheCrepesTruck. You can locate them on 50th street in New York.

The Worldly Crepe


You can find this place in the Chelsea market. It serves you flavors belonging to different parts of the world. Since they offer unique taste, their prices are a bit on the expensive side.

If you want to try something spicy here, order Saigon chicken. Other than crepes, they can serve you beverages and hot chocolates.

The Brittany Crepe


They drive their name from a region called Brittany in France. It is the place where crepes were first invented. French tourists often visit this place. They have approved it for its taste and quality. Furthermore, they sell their products at a very economical rate. So, you can enjoy refreshing food at a small cost.

They are always jam-packed, so you need to reserve your booking a week in advance. The website of Brittany crepe can help you book a reservation.

Crepe Avec Wine


Visit this place to enjoy a delicious breakfast with soothing wine in New York. Their menu comprises waffles, pancakes, french toast, and lunch. It has an excellent ambiance, and you will love every moment of your time.

They offer an excellent variety of food. One of their feature products is a special crepe made from turkey, apple, cranberry sauce, and gruyere. They have an exceptional wine to serve you. It contains tastes from different regions of the world.

DIY Crepe


Try this place if you want to enjoy traditional crepes in New York. They have multiple spots in New York with an enjoyable sitting place. So, if the shopping has exhausted you and wants to refresh yourself, you can load off here.

They prepare their crepes using buckwheat which is gluten-free. Dulce de Leche is their unique item.



If you want to enjoy classic crepe in New York, you need to bump into this place. It is one of the best crepe restaurants in New York that serves celebrities and Fortune 500 companies. Their menu comprises both sweet and spicy crepes. Despite their fame, they charge you a very moderate price.

best crepe restaurants in New York

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