Our Story

Imagine you’re on a family vacation.

But not the average family vacation where everyone is tired and complaining because they didn’t get to do what they wanted to do. 

This time, you’re in Paris and it’s a perfect night! 

The city is calm and peaceful, the air is crisp, the Eiffel tower was even more breathtaking than you imagined, and on top of everything, the beautiful sound of the French accordion is playing off in the distance.

Your kids are already telling you that this is their favorite family vacation and they will never forget this trip.

As you’re walking down the quaint Parisian alleyways, feeling content and never wanting this moment to end, suddenly an aroma fills your very soul.

French crepes! 

Your kids find the source of the heavenly smell and take off running. 

By the time you catch up to them, their noses are pressed up against the glass of the crepe cafe in wonder as they stare mesmerized at the crepe chef preparing his crepes.

It’s like watching a renaissance painter behind the canvas. Every stroke is deliberate and elegant as the chef turns a simple batter into a work of pure art.

You’ve never seen something so satisfying!

He adds in the Nutella filling with finely cut strawberries and before your kids can ask if they can have one, you’re already pulling out your wallet.

You take the first bite of your crepe and you can’t imagine when you had a more perfect night!

How did that make you feel? Could picture yourself there on that calm Parisian night ending a perfect day with your family and a delectable French crepe?

That was our real experience and it was as amazing as it sounds!

But the problem was that we couldn’t be there every night. Real life had to settle back in. We had to go back home, go back to work and school.

Life got in the way of those perfect moments. Those unforgettable family memories now seemed so far away.

How could we recreate that night we had in Paris when we were at home in Utah?

We were especially dying to experience those French crepes again. To make them in our own home, to remember those sweet family experiences we had, to relive them, and to share them with our friends and extended family.

We wanted a pan exactly like the ones we saw in France. One that could provide that authentic crepe making experience we were craving! 

But as we researched the available crepe pans the only similar style pans we could find were bulky, expensive commercial pans or the cheap knock offs. And that isn’t what we wanted. 

On the other side of the crepe pan spectrum were generic, frying pan-style crepe pans but a lot of times they didn’t even have the batter spreader. Instead you would just pick the pan up and swish it around to create the shape. And we already knew how ineffective and time consuming that was! 

The only other option we had was to create our own pan. 

One that would take the best features from both sides of that spectrum and make the perfect “Goldilocks” crepe pan!

One that would be portable and easily stored like the frying pan style yet have the size, tools, and design needed to provide that French creperie feel. 

Through careful planning, relentless effort to improve the quality, and lots of trial and error we finally found the right material, thickness, size, and design needed to create the optimal crepe pan. 

And the CrepePro was born!

First, we started out just by sharing it within our family. We had a Sunday morning crepe tradition that became one of our favorite family memories. 

We started throwing crepe parties with our neighbors, friends, and extended family and even tried using the CrepePro in the oven as pizza stone. Which ended up being a huge success and even worked better than our actual pizza stone! 

The more people who saw the CrepePro, the more they wanted it for their own kitchens so they could start making those family memories and traditions, (not to mention the crepes and pizza!) 

As popularity for the pan grew, we decided that these same, wonderful, family-bonding experiences that we had, needed to be shared

We began working with local companies to start producing the pan at a higher scale while still maintaining it’s handmade quality and touch that it has always had. 

And that brings us to today. With well over 1000 pans sold throughout the United States, the CrepePro has brought meaningful family experiences, and great crepes, to all who have used it!

The story of the CrepePro is the story of the family. It was started by a family. It’s run by a family. And it was made for YOUR family

That’s our story, now what stories will you create with your CrepePro?

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