5 Countries where Crepes are Extremely Popular!

Popular Crepes – although the French is famous for the delicious treat, most countries on different continents have adopted and even altered the recipe with their ingredients to create an entirely new threat. However, if you are constantly traveling and enjoy a crepe, you don’t have to worry. Here are some of the countries where crepes are easily found and enjoyed as part of their delivery.


Popular crepes

  1. France

Since the thirteenth century, crepes have been part of the French dish and originated from the West of France at a place known as Brittany. Since then, crepes have made their way across the globe and have become a vital element in menus and breakfast choices for many people. Crepes are extremely popular in Paris and France would lead the list for the most popular country that absolutely loves CREPES!

Complete History of French Crepes

Popular crepes

  1. Somalia

In Africa, Somalians have become accustomed to the crepe and serve it with most of their dishes. However, they don’t refer to it as a crepe but”anjero,” which is identical to a crepe. The Somali crepe is a spongy flatbread made using yeast flour, producing a sour taste and eating meat, stew, and potatoes.

Popular crepes

  1. Malaysia

In the Asian country of Malaysia, their version of the crepe is referred to as “roti Jala.” The crepe version appears to be a waffle weave that is unique and delicious. They usually seem to have a bright yellow color brought about by Tumeric, giving them a savory taste and flavor. Since Malaysian dishes are often full of sources, the “roti Jala” is perfect as a side dish, ensuring that all the seed is mopped up.

Popular crepes

  1. South Africa

The South African version of the crepe is known as “pennekoeke” and is often served during breakfast. They usually fill it with spice crumble and cinnamon custard to make it delicious and savory, giving it a great after-taste.

Popular crepes

  1. India

They have a slightly larger version of the crepe in India, made from lentil batter and fermented rice called the “dosa.” This goes well with the spicy food that India is known for and is standard on almost all menus in Indian restaurants.

The Art Of Crepe Making In Summers!

Popular crepes

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